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Is your building older than 20 years old? Chances are that asbestos may have been used within the building materials.

Helix offer bespoke asbestos surveys which range from domestic homebuyers surveys for new home owners to complex industrial demolition surveys.

All surveys, sampling and inspections are carried out in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive’s guidance HSG264 Asbestos The Survey Guide and all samples taken during surveys are analysed at a UKAS accredited laboratory. Our surveying team are trained to be discrete where relevant and leave no stone (or floor tile) unturned.  

We offer Emergency call out surveys with the potential of a 24 hour turnaround to ensure a clients project has the shortest delay possible.

Asbestos Management Surveys

These are non-intrusive surveys designed to identify the asbestos materials under normal occupancy. Once identified these items are categorised we can recommend the appropriate management action dependent on its level of risk/ condition. This is a legal requirement for a non-domestic pre-2000 building.

Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys

Any work that goes beyond the general fabric of a building requires us to undertake a Refurbishment/Demolition Survey.

This could be for a kitchen upgrade, rewire, roof renewal or full property demolition. Our Asbestos Surveyors will go as far as reasonably practicable along the scope of the planned works to ensure any asbestos is identified. From here the job spec can be altered or the asbestos removed/ remediated to ensure the job is completed safely.

Combined Surveys

Helix also offer full property Management Surveys with Partial Refurbishments. This covers the whole building as well as any areas that may be worked on in the future.

Re-Inspections / Condition monitoring surveys

Following an asbestos survey the items identified need to be inspected at least annually to monitor its risk and condition.

Gap analysis

We can assess the suitability of your existing surveys or management plan to see if they are still compliant and can then give our recommendations to you.