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Helix take a different approach to asbestos training. It is traditionally a “Death by Powerpoint” tick boxing exercise that provides annual reluctance.

Our Academy has a modernised approach to achieving compliance through training. We deliver a bespoke, multi-platformed method giving the delegates application to their training.

Having delivered hundreds of courses over the years and still remaining sharp through surveying and consultancy our ever-evolving courses won’t be beaten on engagement, all while covering all aspects of the CAR2012 compliance model.

At Helix we offer In-House, On-Site or Virtual training to suit the clients schedule with the flexibility of start times and days.

Our Courses

Asbestos Awareness

This course provides delegates with basic knowledge of the dangers of asbestos, where it can be found within buildings, how it affects health and CAR2012. The course is designed for anyone who is likely to come into contact with asbestos and anyone working within a room/ building where there is a likelihood they could potentially disturb asbestos.

Non-licensable works with asbestos (INCLUDING NOTIFIABLE NON-LICENSED WORKS)​

All low risk asbestos materials require a non-licensed training certificate.  The course includes a morning theory session (includes awareness if wanted) with the practical session covering all works with non-licensed materials, the equipment/ methods, bagging up, decontamination and any bespoke elements that the delegates may require.

Duty to Manage

The course is aimed at those who manage non domestic premises and have a duty to look after the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone on site. It provides basic understanding of the legislative requirements of CAR2012 with particular reference to the Duty Holder. It is an expansion to the Awareness course and provides the Duty Holder the tools to manage their site safely.


All asbestos training requires an annual refresher. It is a diluted version of the course briefly covering aspects covered in the full course.